2021 PUMA螢光夜跑 第一階段 優先報名於12/03截止
  • 感謝廣大跑友們的熱情支持,2021 PUMA螢光夜跑第一階段-「2020參賽跑者保障名額報名」、「PUMA購鞋購鞋優先報名」以及「校園星Run組」於12/03 (四) 17:00報名截止
  • 尚未報名的跑友們不用擔心,第二階段-個人報名將在12/4(五)14:00開放報名,欲參加2021螢光夜跑的跑友們請務必注意相關時間至官網報名。


  • 跑友們請務必詳細閱讀活動官網「報名登記/查詢」以維護相關權益。
  • 提醒您報名時務必填妥資料並檢查後送出,資料一經送出則無法再做修改!
2021 PUMA螢光夜跑報名資訊火熱出爐!





提醒跑者們,2020 的跑者需使用本人身分證號進行線上身分檢核,通過系統認證之後可於線上填寫參賽資料並挑選2021欲參與之參賽組別(不得更換站別)。並於填寫完資料後於十分鐘內完成線上繳費。





2021 PUMA螢光夜跑持續推出 Campus Run「校園星 Run 組」,年輕學子們可於第一階段優先報名,並參與公益活動「疾風射門大挑戰」,享受運動的同時還能做公益! 讓PUMA帶領年輕學子們一起綻放螢光跑動的青春魅力。

於 11/16(一)14:00~12/03(四)17:00至「報名專區-報名登記/查詢」進行團體報名。






2021 PUMA螢光夜跑官網正式上線!

各位跑者引頸期盼的2021 PUMA螢光夜跑將在11/16盛大展開報名,快跟我們一起享受夜跑吧。



PUMA Night Run

PUMA Night Run is an internationally known and large-scale running event, and this year we have fearlessly re-born from the Coronavirus. What is more, PUMA night Run will be an innovative as well as special event for the large scale of runners to join in, and we dedicate our passion to brining spectacular experience to each participant. With the convention of organizing this event in TAIPEI and KAOHSIUNG, PUMA Night Run will take all the runners to go through the attractive city night scene. We will help every participant to rebuild their faith and enjoy the pleasure of night running. Let’s stay Stronger Together and experience the most fascinating PUMA Night Run!

PUMA X First Mile Collaboration

PUMA will cooperate with First Mile to launch a sportswear collection by collecting recycled polyester plastic bottles from Haiti, Honduras, and Taiwan to produce about 300 tons of recycled yarn within a year.

The 2021 PUMA fluorescent night run will continue to use environmentally-friendly Recycle Singlet made of recycled yarn, so that all runners will become environmental practitioners together in a resource-recycling manner. Running has more environmental protection value and significance.

5K Campus Run, Keep Running and Having Fun

2021 PUMA Night Run will extend the passion of Campus Run, provide diverse and exclusive services for all college students. Let’s have a great memory with PUMA Night Run!

This year, students can team up with each other (5 people per team) to join this great event. What is more, the group of Campus Run can have prior qualification in the 1st stage of registration. Besides, this group of students can join the game to get various types of goods and souvenir! Let’s call up for registration and join the 2021 PUMA Night Run! and be the energetic STARS!

PUMA Night Run Event Upgrading with Abundant Special Arrangement

Besides the greater and better running event, 2021 PUMA Night Run also launch the latest sports series and special goods for customers to purchase. The official LINE account of PUMA Night Run offers runners immediate reply and to deliver latest news of the event. In addition, with these abundant and remarkable activities, the runners can feel the fascination of innovative and diverse program. Let’s light up the night with enthusiasm of PUMA Night Run and run through the city scene, IGNITE YOUR CITY!